The Apple TV remote is getting a redesign… maybe there is a god?


For a company so famous for its design, Apple certainly releases stinks. For every beautiful new MacBook, you have the Butterfly Keyboard. For every iPhone you have this stupid mouse that you can’t use while charging. And for every AirPods Pro, you’ve got the damn Apple TV remote.

God, I hate this. So much. But we’ll get to that: let’s discuss the good news first.

Apple is supposed to redesign the Apple TV Remote. 9to5Mac has been told by sources that the company is developing a new controller for its upcoming Apple TV. The new hardware bit was codenamed “B519”, as opposed to Siri Remote’s current nickname, which is “B439”.

Does that mean anything? I… don’t really think so. But some think that means a big design change is imminent – and I can’t tell you how much I agree with that.