The Best iPhone Apps For Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is fast approaching! It is one of the most unique vacations, which allows us to focus on the person who matters most to us. To help you try something new this Valentine’s Day, I’ve put together this list of some of the best apps for Valentine’s Day. Hope you find at least a few that will make the day more special for you and your partner!

The 6 best iPhone apps for Valentine’s Day

1. Tinder: for those who need a last minute date

You may wonder if Tinder is a place for romance or not, but it goes without saying that there are many people who can make good use of Tinder this Valentine’s Day.

If you don’t know what Tinder is, it’s an app that lets you quickly make romantic matches with people online. You choose your sexual orientation, set your location, then swipe “yes” and “no” on people based on their attractiveness. If two people slip “yes” on top of each other, it’s a match! And that means you will be able to chat with them.

Tinder is in this list of apps for Valentine’s Day not only because it’s a decent way to meet new people, but also because the app is even easier to use on Valentine’s Day. More people will be using it than usual, which means you’ll have more opportunities to set up a quick date.

2. Airtime: organize a long distance movie night

Airtime is an app that I recently discovered that long distance couples are sure to love. The Airtime app lets you watch online content in sync with other people. For example, you can both log into the app, play a video on YouTube, and Airtime will play the video in sync on each of your devices.

Not only that, but Airtime lets you call and text during the video, almost making you feel like you’re in the same room. This is one of those Valentine’s Day apps that can help cut the distance if you get separated from your partner on Valentine’s Day.

The only caveat with Airtime is that it doesn’t work with all streaming services. Namely, it doesn’t work with Netflix. However, it works with YouTube, so you can watch YouTube videos together or rent a movie from YouTube and watch it.

3. Etsy: buy a creative gift for Valentine’s Day

Another great app for Valentine’s Day is Etsy. Etsy is an app that allows artists, dealers, and artisans to sell handicrafts. Unlike eBay or local marketplace apps, Etsy is extremely creator-focused. This means that the elements of the application are often unique, or at least very unique.

If your partner loves a particular show, game, series, or other fandoms, you can find tons of cool collectibles, stickers, and artwork to give away. I have also found Etsy to be a great place to find regional gifts. So if your partner is from another region or country, you can buy them a little bit from Etsy.

I think Etsy is not only one of the best apps for Valentine’s Day, but also one of the best apps for gifts in general. Be sure to browse the platform before making a final decision on your giveaway!

4.1800Flowers: Send flowers just in time

Buying flowers is a staple of Valentine’s Day culture, and for good reason! Almost everyone loves having them regardless of gender, they are romantic and pretty, and they are everywhere this time of year.

However, the process of buying flowers is not always so great. It can be difficult to find what you are looking for and depending on your schedule and location, you may not be able to deliver flowers to your partner.

1800Flowers is on our Valentine’s Day app list because it fixes these issues. It allows you to choose a bouquet and send it to your partner wherever and whenever you want. It relies on local florists, which means you support your community, and it offers same day delivery, so you can send flowers until the last minute.

5. Couple game: put your knowledge of your partner to the test

The next step is an app as unique as your relationship. If you’ve never played the couples game, the principle is simple. You and your partner ask each other questions to determine how well you know each other. For example, “What is your favorite color?” or “What does your partner do to annoy you the most?”

Couple Game is an application that makes playing this game easy and fun. It provides the questions and allows you to play even when you are not in the same room as your partner.

It’s a lot of fun, so don’t hesitate to download it this Valentine’s Day!

6. Important Otter: Stay emotionally connected, no matter how distant you are.

Last on our list is one of the cutest apps I’ve seen in a while. Significant Otter is an app for couples who each have an Apple Watch. Using your Apple Watch, it detects when you are doing a certain activity (like a workout or a walk) and asks you how you feel.

The app then sends the notification of your activity and emotion to your partner, who can then respond. This allows you to easily stay in touch throughout your days without having to text or interact on social media.

I think this app is a natural and gentle way to stay connected with your partner which is why it is on our list of apps for Valentine’s Day. Of course, this is an app that you will probably continue to use after Valentine’s Day.

Find the perfect apps for Valentine’s Day!

Hope you and your partner can find at least one app on this list that will make your Valentine’s Day a little sweeter. Whether it’s sending flowers, buying the perfect gift, or landing a last minute hookup, I wish you a romantic, fun and special vacation!


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