The portable monitor is perfect for on-the-go work or play. And it’s under $200


TLDR: The UPERFECT portable monitor offers brilliant 1080p HD resolution and a host of connection ports for easy viewing wherever you are.

There are times when a smartphone just doesn’t do the job. While its power and versatility are indisputable, it was created to be a device that you can slip into your pocket. That’s obviously a big part of its appeal, but sometimes you just need more.

If you’ve got a few screaming kids in the backseat and need a video to calm them down, you need more than a smartphone screen. If you’re trying to edit digital content or watch pictures or videos up close, a smartphone screen is often not enough. And if you really want to enjoy your favorite games wherever you choose to play them, this itty bitty smartphone screen just doesn’t cut it.

The UPERFECT 15.6 ” Portable Monitor ($ 197.99, 10% off, from TNW Deals) is the technology you turn to when it’s time to bring out the big guns.

Did we say big guns? Because while the UPPERFECT is certainly a vibrant portable display for viewing virtually any digital media, its 0.35 inch ultra-thin body and ultra-light weight of less than 2 pounds. Prove that it is anything but great.

Yet as a multimedia device, the UPPERFECT plays as big as a cinema screen, delivering crisp 1080p HD resolution images from a monitor with a high-quality HDR IPS LCD panel made from Anti-reflective frosted glass resistant to corrosion and cuts. and crack resistant. It’s even designed for group viewing, incorporating a 178-degree viewing angle so it can be seen by those standing on almost every side of the screen.

A portable monitor lives and dies thanks to the devices it coordinates with – and the UPPERFECT is ready with inputs for days. With Type-C, Mini HD, PD and Micro USB ports, this monitor is ready to connect to almost any device. The Type-C connector should particularly grab the attention of gamers, allowing them to plug a Nintendo Switch directly into the UPPERFECT and play their games in a new big-screen world.

Returning with an impressive 4.2 out of 5 star rating on Amazon, the UPERFECT 15.6 inch portable monitor is now on sale for over $ 20 off its retail price, now only $ 197.99 while this deal lasts.

Prices are subject to change.


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