There’s more evidence Twitter is testing an ‘undo’ button, but it’ll cost you


A few weeks ago, we reported that Twitter was testing some sort of ‘Cancel Send’ timer for tweets. It’s not exactly the edit button everyone wants, but it would give users a few seconds to pick up on a bad tweet without anyone noticing. Developer Jane manchun wong has now revealed more evidence that Twitter is working on this feature, but it comes with a caveat: you may have to pay for it.

As Wong noted, the “cancellation tweet” is apparently meant to be a subscriber-only feature; you will have to pay to access it. Of course, this is a leak, and anything can change between now and whenever the feature goes public (if it ever does). Still, Twitter has recently looked for other ways to monetize its platform, so it’s no surprise that it can keep some functionality behind a payment wall.

To recap, Wong is the one who initially found evidence of Twitter’s tweet timer. It looked something like this:

The feature seems to work something like Gmail’s cancel button, where the service simply waits a few seconds before sending your message. On the surface, this isn’t much more useful than just deleting a tweet immediately after sending it, but if you have a large following it might make sure that no one ever sees an embarrassing error.

Considering how many people have requested an edit button, you’d think Twitter might offer an cancel button as a free compromise, but it looks like you have to pay instead. It remains to be seen whether a few more features will be enough to get people to pay for Twitter.

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