These 10 productivity apps can help you regain time, and they are all an extra 30% off


TLDR: These 10 apps can increase your efficiency, protect you, expand your ideas, and broaden your mind, all at an additional 30% reduction.

Your daily routine may still require some adjustments. From productivity at work to how you spend your free time, there is always something that can make that time go a little faster, work a little better, or just help you enjoy it more.

The 10 applications presented under this agreement are all beasts of efficiency. In fact, if you get them all and use them all, you end up saving so many hours that it virtually wipes out all the time spent on those tasks. It’s almost like you are creating time. We haven’t done the math or figured out the science on this, but we’re pretty sure it all holds up. It almost makes you a god.

And you’ll be a god with a few extra dollars in your pocket at TNW Deals semi-annual sale. Choose one of these apps, use the code DOWNLOAD THE during checkout, and you’ll save an additional 30% of your total (some exclusions apply).

1. Focuster Productivity App

Focus is your steroid to-do list. This app gathers all your pending tasks, automatically schedules them in your calendar, then reminds you when they need to be done and even tracks your progress as you do them. If you need help keeping an eye on the ball, Focuster will focus your attention where it should be.

Get the Focuster Productivity App: Lifetime Subscription for $ 41.30 after the code DOWNLOADIT (reg. $ 480).

2. 12-minute micro-book library

With 12min Micro Books, you can get all the precious takeaways from any of the over 1,800 best-selling non-fiction books, summed up in one text or a 12-minute audio distillation. With jobs in 24 categories ranging from personal development to science and technology, you can stay up to date and learn all the most important things as quickly as possible.

Get 12 Minute Micro-Book Library: Premium Lifetime Subscription for $ 27.30 after the code DOWNLOADIT (reg. $ 399).

3. Starchive cloud storage

Starchive is cloud storage for the media creator and archivist. This subscription includes 1TB of cloud space with powerful organization and markup features so you can always find exactly what you’re looking for when you need it. All of this comes with unlimited file sharing with no file size limits, making it the perfect storage solution for creative artists.

Get 1TB Starchive Cloud Storage: Lifetime Subscription for $ 67.89 after the code DOWNLOADIT (reg. $ 1530).

4. KeepSolid VPN Unlimited

One of the world’s most respected VPN providers with over 10 million users, KeepSolid VPN offers a fully protected connection to the web. With no speed or bandwidth limit, your identity and all your personal information remains hidden while you access the KeepSolid network of over 400 servers at 80 locations around the world. Plus, you bypass international geo-restrictions so you can enjoy content streamers like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, ESPN +, and HBO Now anytime, anywhere.

Get KeepSolid VPN Unlimited: lifetime subscription for $ 28.00 after the code DOWNLOADIT (Reg. $ 199).

5. MindMaster Mind Mapping software

MindMaster puts your brain in order. This professional mind mapper is like a brainstorming session whiteboard, making it easy to collect your thoughts, put them in order, and come up with solutions. And with 12 different map structures, 33 themes, and over 700 clipart pieces, users can customize their mind maps with endless possibilities.

Get MindMaster Mind Mapping Software: Perpetual License for $ 34.30 after the code DOWNLOADIT (Reg. $ 129).

6. Authentic JumpStory Stock Photography

You will never have to worry about finding the right image, illustration or video for your presentations, websites, social media posts and more again. JumpStory contains over 25 million royalty-free images, illustrations, vector icons, fonts, music, and videos for use in all of your personal and professional digital media projects.

Get Genuine JumpStory Stock Photography: Lifetime Membership for $ 69.99 after the code DOWNLOADIT (reg. $ 2340).

7. Sizle Pro presentation and proposal platform

Sizle is a sales acceleration tool for teams, allowing users to create, share, and follow high-converting presentations, as well as see how viewers actually interact with that content. Users get slide-by-slide analytics, live feedback tools, and viewer engagement information to capture more leads and efficiently share data with your entire team with ease.

Get Sizle Pro presentation and proposal platform: lifetime subscription for $ 21.00 after the code DOWNLOADIT (Reg. $ 600).

8. The Essential Movavi Mac and Windows software pack

This package brings together all the richness of all powerful Movavi applications for editing digital multimedia projects. With Movavi Video Editor Plus 2021, Movavi Video Converter Premium 2021, Movavi Picverse Personal and Movavi Slideshow Maker 7 Personal, users have all the tools to create brilliant videos, stunning images and impactful presentations all in one package. .

Get The Movavi Essential Software Pack for Mac and Windows for $ 34.99 after the code DOWNLOADIT (reg. $ 229).

9. Writesonic start-up plan

Built using OpenAI’s GPT-3 technology, Writesonic uses artificial intelligence to produce high-quality copies for ads, web pages, social media and more, which looks like a human. By analyzing your input, pattern matching, and AI, Writesonic knows what to convert and how to write copy that resonates with your chosen audience.

Get Writesonic Starter Plan: lifetime subscription for $ 49.00 after the code DOWNLOADIT (reg. $ 5340).

10. Sticky Password Premium

You can’t remember all the strong and complicated long-tail passwords that you need to stay secure. Then Sticky Password does the job for you. It creates unique encrypted passwords for all your accounts, automatically and securely saves and fills all your passwords, all managed through a single master password known only to you.

Get Sticky Password Premium: Lifetime Subscription for $ 21.00 after the code DOWNLOADIT (Reg. $ 199).

Prices are subject to change.


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