These fun STEM learning kits will get the kids busy for hours while you’re on Zoom calls


TLDR: These awesome STEM learning kits for kits will allow them to create a whole range of gadgets, robots, art and more.

Since it is too cold for the children to go out at this time, it means many hours locked inside the house. And after almost a year of kids locked inside the house, we’re sure the novelty collapsed a long, long time ago.

Parents, you have to keep them engaged in something or else they will invade you and tear you apart. Fortunately, we have some ideas. Right now, you can pick one of these four sets of cool STEM learning projects and have their fertile young minds buzzing like a motor.

The more time you spend immersing yourself in these eye-catching kits filled with all kinds of science learning and fun, the less time they will have to bring you up the walls. And with discounts of up to 34%, that’s a small price to pay.

1. The best-selling lot: robotic art and coding kits

This collection brings together two of Twin Science’s most popular STEM kits, including the Robotic Art Kit and the Coding Kit. In the robotic art collection, children ages 5-8 can intersect their natural creativity with technology, using a power source, fan and other mechanical parts with materials like paints and markets for create their own cool spin art and other projects. Or they can use the parts to craft stuff like a confetti machine or their own mini vacuum cleaner.

Meanwhile, the Coding Kit for ages 9-12 provides a fun and educational introduction to basic computer programming. Using these various projects, kids can write code that controls a robot they are building, all from electronic building blocks and craft materials. If you want to see your kid build and program their own playable banana organ, this is definitely your jam.

Get the Best Selling Bundle: Robotics and Coding Art Kits for $ 77.99 (Reg. $ 114).

2. The STEM Starter Pack: Robotics and Curiosity Kits

In addition to the Robotic Art Kit, the STEM Starter Collection also includes the Curiosity Kit. This set for ages 7-10 is entirely focused on an interest in robotics, with projects that challenge kids to build their own smart security system to keep their piggy bank, a proximity sensor to use on their toy car, a proto-telegraph machine for learning Morse code and more.

Get the STEM Starter Kit: Robotics and Curiosity Kits for $ 79.99 (reg. $ 119).

3. Introduction to coding pack: curiosity and coding kits

But hey! What if you only want the Curiosity Kit and Coding Kit items instead? No problem – there is also a set for these two sets of projects.

Get the Introductory Coding Bundle: Curiosity and Coding Kits for $ 94.99 ($ ​​144 reg.).

4. Spencer DIY voice assistant

Meet Spencer, a kid’s version of Alexa that a kid 11 and up can create on their own. This DIY voice assistant prompts kids to learn about soldering, microcomputers, electronics, LED grids, sound processing, and even coding while they put it together. But once they’re done, Spencer can give you the weather, tell a joke, sing a song, set an alarm, or even display animations. This is enough to give any kid the confidence in their first contact with real gadget making.

Get Spencer DIY Voice Assistant for $ 119.95.

Prices are subject to change.


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