This AI-powered tool is how you create the iron-clad resume for landing the job of your dreams


TLDR: The 2021 Complete Resume Builder Master Class Pack offers Rezi CV services, templates and training to help any candidate land the job they deserve.

You have a few seconds. Literally. In many cases, you have less than 30. In that handful of seconds, you definitely have to prove that you are the one and only person to fill the available job offer that you so desperately want.

But the reality is not on your side. About 40% of hiring managers spend less than 60 seconds looking at a job resume. About 25% spend less than 30 seconds. This means that the CV you submit must be fine-tuned to perfection and micro-focused to even deserve the privilege of an interview.

Your CV is you – and it should sell you to an employer at a glance. With the tools and training in The 2021 Full Resume Generator Master Class Pack ($ 39.99, over 90% off, from TNW Deals), you can create your professional business card with razor sharp precision and be one of those precious few who will stick around for the job of your dreams.

The cornerstone of this offer is a lifetime subscription to a Rezi Pro CV writing plan account. An AI-powered CV builder trusted by over 120,000 job seekers, Rezi quickly creates optimized CVs and cover letters designed specifically for your individual job description.

Rezi takes advantage of current Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), automated software used by many employers to automatically screen applicants. Rezi adjusts your life and work experience to the word, adding or emphasizing keywords and critical work criteria that will identify you as an ATS as one of the top candidates for the job.

You can also further customize the look of your CV with a collection of 100 premium resume and cover letter templates as created by the Resume Inventor team. All of these templates are fully editable, easy to use, and ultra-professional so you can find the look that works best for you and the job you are looking for.

Finally, you’ll also benefit from a pair of classes led by award-winning MBA professor, venture capitalist and author Chris Haroun to help you prepare for your job search. First the Create the best CV and the best Linkedin profile explains how to create the perfect LinkedIn profile to support your application, then the Learn to Interview Better Than Anyone The training covers five hours of interview dos and don’ts to help close the deal once you’re face-to-face with a hiring manager.

The 2021 Full Resume Generator Full Master Class Pack is valued at over $ 3,100, but you need a job, so it’s all packed into this collection here for only $ 39.99.

Prices are subject to change.


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