This noggin-reading gadget plays songs based on your brain waves


We have seen apps and features that let you play songs according to your mood. But often the mood-based songs played through these apps and how you actually feel don’t match.. It makes me wish for a device that can read my brain and play music.

Well, brain-reading company Neurosity has released a new device that fits that description. The gadget, called the Crown, is the successor to the company’s Notion device, released last year.

The Crown comes with the Neurosity Music Shift app which works with your Spotify premium account to track your brain activity while you listen to songs. Based on your brain’s reaction to a song, the app will automatically suggest more songs. These song recommendations will change depending on the activity you choose; for example, concentrate, work or relax.

Neurosity also has a dedicated portal to show you the readings from a Spotify session. It basically displays brain readings to indicate when you’ve lost your focus. The device takes several readings per minute. So if you listen to an hour long session and only lose your focus a few times, it means you’ve been very productive.