Top 5 Apps of the week: These apps for iOS & Android you have to know

There are thousands of apps on the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store. It is really a task to find the right ones selected among them. But why worry when we’re here to do this work for you? Every week we browse these two app stores to find some great apps for you. Is there something for you this week? Keep reading to find out!

Top app of the week: Two Player Games

Let’s start with a free mobile game! Two Player Games is a collection of mini-games for iOS and Android, which you can play either against a computer opponent or against a second player. Since the second player isn’t connected online, but has to sit across from you, the game is twice as fun.

Two player game

The graphics of “2 Player Game” are very well done. / © Techo State

The games and handling are really well done. Besides classics like billiards, basketball, air hockey, table tennis, and a penalty football game, there are also more unusual ideas like “Money Grabber” or “The Last Sashimi”. The graphics in the game have a comic book look to them, and the ads are refreshingly rare. The game performs particularly well, as the maximum FPS is 60 frames per second. However, you can also reduce it if you want.

If you are playing two games with your partner or a friend, the game is especially fun and has a tournament character thanks to an automatic score counter. If you are interested, you can download the mobile game for free for iOS and Android. If you want, you can remove the ads for $ 1.99.

Two-player games for Android / Two-player games for iOS

Place 2 of the best apps: Disney + with a new star offer

Perhaps the second place of our best apps is already on your phone: the Disney + video streaming service. Disney has expanded this week with a huge catalog of new movies and series. Disney + Star finally offers a little more entertainment aimed more at an adult audience.

Featured article

With the new Star offer, Disney + is now even more interesting. / © Techo State

Among other things, you can catch up with realtime series 24, watch nine seasons of The X-Files, binge Futurama, or watch legendary series like Sons of Anarchy or The Walking Dead. For movie buffs, titles include Out of Control, Big Trouble in Little China, Borat, Boys Don’t Cry, The Martian, The Fly, All Die Hard installments, and countless more.

While the Disney + app is free, you’ll need a subscription to use it, available for $ 8.99 per month. Along with the new flagship offering, you’ll also find every Disney and Pixar movie imaginable on the popular streaming service, as well as some in-house productions.

Disney + for Android / Disney + for Apple iOS

3rd place of the best applications: BirdNET: identification of bird sounds

BirdNET is a free application which has been developed in cooperation with several international research institutes. It helps you discover the origin of animal sounds. If you allow the app to access your microphone and your location, it can detect bird sounds and tell you what that bird is.


Use BirdNet to find out which birds are chirping outside your window. / © Techo State

Simply hold the phone with active recording in the window and wait for the bird to repeat its call. Now you pause the recording and mark the beat on the kilohertz graph. A click on “Analyze” sends the data to the servers of the research institution and after a few seconds the bird will be displayed.

To try it out, I picked out some bird songs from YouTube and sure enough the app was right on most of the recordings. Only birds that are not native to this country were apparently excluded by the app based on GPS location. If you are interested in local wildlife, there is a lot of additional information about native bird species in the app.

BirdNET for Apple iOS / BirdNET for Android

Ranking 4 of the best apps: Flora Incognita

Since it fits perfectly thematically with the move in March, you’ll also find Flora Incognita, an app that offers a similar concept for plants. Since the plants are usually quite quiet, you take photos of flowers and leaves and the app shows you what is blooming right now in the spring.

Flower id

The “Flora Incognita” app searches for you which flowers are growing outdoors. © Techo State

Again, you will find a lot of additional information about the respective flower species in the app. The graphical interface of the application is not as successful as BirdNET, but the results are convincing!

Flora Incognita for Android / Flora Incognita for iOS

Life Hack Tips

“Life Hack Tips” summarizes hundreds of life hack tips in a beautifully designed app and divides them into about 20 categories.

The operation is wonderfully simple. You navigate to a category and then tap your way through the cards that list the respective life hacks. For example, I discovered that ants can be hunted simply by using coffee powder and not just chemicals – to name just one example!

Tips for everyday life

Life hacks can make your life easier and in this app you will find them presented in a very beautiful way / © Techo State

Most of the content in the app is free, but with sizable “Make Money”, “Motivation”, “Productivity” and “Gardening” categories hidden behind a payment wall. The premium version is ad-free, however, only costs $ 2.99. This app is also available for Apple iOS and Android.

Life Hack Tips for Apple iOS / Life Hack Tips for Android

Have you ever been able to try any of the apps? So let us know in the comments if the app has convinced you!

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