Twitter is testing the next best thing to the edit button — an undo send feature


We’ve all been there looking at a tweet where we made a huge typo. We all also shouted, “Why don’t you give us an edit button, Twitter?” looking at our screens in frustration.

We might not be getting an edit button anytime soon, but we might get the next best thing: a cancel send button. Extraordinary Tipster Jane Manchun Wong tweeted today that the social network is testing this functionality.

From the GIF she posted, we could see that the timer lasts about five to six seconds before the tweet is sent. So if you made a typo, you only have five to six seconds to undo the tweet and correct your mistake.

We could see a ton of debate at the Clubhouse (or Twitter spaces) on how best to implement this. However, the product designer David Svezhintsev noted that in the current version you cannot see the preview of the tweet while time is running out. I agree with him, Twitter could keep the undo time five seconds or ten seconds, often I wouldn’t realize I made the typo if I didn’t see the preview.

Still, I want this feature rolled out to at least some users to get feedback and see how effective it is at reducing typos. I beg you Twitter, do it.

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Published March 5, 2021 – 08:38 UTC


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