Twitter will soon let you watch YouTube videos without leaving its app


Twitter plays videos on its mobile apps well if they are uploaded by users. However, if someone has posted a YouTube link, they’ll redirect you to a browser or the YouTube app.

Now the social network is introducing a feature that will allow you to watch these videos without leaving the app. Twitter said that as of today, it allows some iOS users to view YouTube videos directly without leaving the app.

Notably, Twitter had this feature on the web for ages becauseā€¦ it’s in a browser. But having it on the phone saves the hassle of switching between apps.

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Unfortunately, this feature is only available to select people on iOS. But I hope Twitter rolls it out to all users on Android and iOS.

Playing YouTube videos in the app is one of the many features that Twitter has released in the testing phase in recent days. Last week it introduced the ability to upload 4K photos and see full images on your timeline.

Along with this, the social network is also working on its rival Clubhouse called Spaces which allows you to chat with other people in real time. Earlier this month, it let Android users experience this new feature.

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Published March 19, 2021 – 05:58 UTC


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