Uber and Lyft will share data to curb banned drivers — but only in the US


The Uber and Lyft helpline apps are said to share the names of drivers who have been banned due to “serious” safety incidents – including sexual assault.

The relationship will be managed by a company specializing in background checks. Naturally, sharing the names of banned drivers is aimed at improving driver safety and ensuring that platform bans for serious security incidents are spreading in companies.

Unfortunately, this collaboration will only apply to the United States.

This move has been widely recognized as a step in the right direction to tackle the incidents of sexual assault that have plagued the platforms over the years.

However, he was criticized. A lawyer familiar with the matter said there was no guarantee that reports against drivers would be followed up and lead to activations. Indeed, sharing the names of banned drivers is one thing, but how this database is used to prevent banned drivers from registering on competing platforms is a whole other question altogether.

Uber has had a long and tumultuous history when it comes to the safety of its riders. In 2018, the company recorded nearly 3,000 incidents of sexual assault by motorcyclists using its app.

Across the pond, Uber saw its operating license suspended in the UK after failing to protect its passengers. This license has since been reissued and Uber continues to operate in the country.

Sources: BBC News, NBC

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Published March 12, 2021 – 13:28 UTC


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