VW and oilmonger BP pledge to bring 18,000 ultra fast EV chargers to Europe


Good news for Europeans, thanks to a partnership between BP and Volkswagen, the charging of electric vehicles across the continent could be boosted.

What is happening

  • VW and BP will work together to roll out 18,000 new ultra-fast chargers in Europe, but it has not yet specified when.
  • It looks like chargers will be added to the bp and Aral sites in the UK and Germany to begin with, BP said in a statement.
  • VW says it will integrate BP’s charging technology into its vehicles to make finding and paying for the charge easy and straightforward.
  • The points will also be open to the non-VW general public as part of the BP and Aral pulse charging networks.

Why is this important

  • BP claims that around 90% of the population of the UK and Germany live within 20 minutes of a BP or Aral gas station.
  • With the growing demand for fast charging of electric vehicles, we need more big players to work together to improve infrastructure.
  • For VW drivers, this could make fast charging as easy as a Tesla using the Supercharger network.

In fact, what we’re seeing here is the start of what will likely be an industry-wide transition for the big oil companies. A transition that will see them switch to supporting electric vehicles, and produce more renewable energy.

In terms of infrastructure, most oil companies are good to go. They have gas stations in good places, all we need to do is replace the pumps with chargers.

It won’t be easy, as there is still a great demand for dinojuice, but there will come a day when the batteries can recharge quickly and people will no longer need fuel.

When that day comes, you can bet the old gas stations will still be around, they will only be pumping electrons instead of gasoline. VW and BP have made their commitment and we will make sure it delivers on its promises.

Published March 25, 2021 – 10:35 UTC


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