Want to add augmented reality to your marketing? Aryel AR now makes it possible


TLDR: Aryel AR Marketing is a one-of-a-kind web-based platform that allows businesses and brands of all sizes to launch their own new augmented reality marketing campaign.

Do you remember Pokemon Go? Of course you do. For a few months in 2016, that was pretty much the only thing we talked about. Heck, that same website even ordered its employees to start playing (no really, we did! Kind of…)

Anytime you saw someone in public appear to wander aimlessly with their eyes riveted on a smartphone screen, there was a good chance that they were chasing an ever-elusive Bulbasaur, Jiggypuff, or Ho-Oh. Beyond gaming hysteria, Pokemon Go was also one of the first widespread examples of augmented reality reaching mainstream audiences.

Five years later, you might think AR is still just a massive business like Amazon could do, but Aryel AR Marketing is now the first web AR platform to help even small businesses incorporate the fun of augmented reality into marketing campaigns.

Launched in December, Aryel offers brand chefs young and old alike a cool and innovative way to present their product to consumers in an incredibly fun and engaging way.

Best of all, a sales manager can launch an Aryel AR campaign without knowing anything about coding just by answering a few questions and making a few easy drag-and-drop decisions.

These archives are already stored, including over 300,000 ready-to-use AR resources that you can add to your campaign. Video, audio, images, 3D objects, and even call-to-action are all available, providing incredible freedom to create any campaign you love. Aryel also includes metrics so you can monitor customer behavior in your campaign and even adjust the experience in real time if you want to throw a curveball or two.

From viewing a company’s product on a client’s desktop, offering deals for users who find your AR logo or mascot in a nearby park, to simply creating a fun visual experience in their phone for store visitors, the possibilities with Aryel AR are endless.

For the business or brand manager who thinks they’ve tried everything, Aryel AR opens up a whole new frontier of augmented reality to inject a whole new energy into your marketing plan.

Right now, you can lock down a lifetime subscription to Aryel AR Marketing’s services, which includes the ability to run up to five active campaigns at a time, now over 90% of its regular price. You try everything Aryel AR has to offer now for only $ 69.99.

Prices are subject to change.


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