We scored iOS 14.4.1 based on how ‘inspirational’ it is


Okay, this is my last shot on the Pulitzer – it means I’m fully taking this opportunity to give iOS 14.4.1 a score out of ten based on my inspiration. My spirit? Ready. My body? Rarely. My wish? Pure steel.

So compatriots and enemies, lovers and enemies, friends and enemies, I am here to claim my birthright and give iOS 14.4.1 the grade it was created for. Get ready.

First off… what’s up with iOS 14.4.1?

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Basically, this is the latest update to Apple’s iPhone operating system. And for the sake of total accuracy – because that’s what it is, after all – the company also released iPadOS 14.4.1 at the same time. Both updates had the same functionality.

“And Callum,” I hear you say, adding narrative depth and a different voice to this award-winning post going forward, “what feature is that?”

Well, mate, “functionality” is a pretty strong way to describe it. In fact, iOS 14.4.1 is a security update. On Apple’s website, it’s listed as a fix for a WebKit bug that would allow hackers and others to potentially run code on your device.

And that’s iPadOS and iOS 14.4.1 in a nutshell.

iOS 14.4.1