What does it cost to charge an EV? We show you the math


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Compared to gasoline cars, electric vehicles are cheaper to run. The main reason is that per unit of energy it costs less to power an electric vehicle than a gasoline car.

In blunt and inelegant terms, electricity is cheaper than gasoline. However, the lowest price depends on your energy supplier, where you live, the energy mix and even what time you bill.

So how are we supposed to figure out how much it costs to charge our electric vehicle?

If you’re trying to figure out how much it costs to refuel your gasoline car, you simply take the tank size in gallons or liters and then multiply that by the cost of the fuel, also in gallons or liters.

The principle of calculating the cost of charging your electric vehicle is roughly the same – except that the units are different.

It’s math time

In this example, we’ll calculate how much it costs to charge your electric vehicle at home. The cost of using public charging stations varies a lot, so it’s best to check with each provider how much it would cost.

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Credit: Wikimedia – CC