Which coding language should you be learning? With this sale, you can learn seven of the biggest


TLDR: These seven apps can help learners understand some of the most popular coding languages ​​including Java, JavaScript, Python, R programming, and more.

If you know English and Spanish, you are in a much better position to understand, communicate, and get to know many more people than if you only knew one or the other. Likewise, learning a variety of coding languages ​​can open up a growing world of possibilities.

Knowing more than one coding discipline improves your chances of finding a solution to a programming problem. But perhaps more importantly, learning multiple coding languages ​​can put you in line for even more programming tasks, maximizing your chances of working on projects you enjoy – with an increased paycheck to prove it. .

Right now, you can expand your programming knowledge with these courses in 7 different popular coding languages. And right now, as part of the semi-annual TNW Deals sale, customers can save 50% off the already discounted price of each package by entering the code LEARN IT during payment.

1. JavaScript

JavaScript makes web development easier and more engaging, creating dynamically updated content, controlling multimedia, and serving as a driving force behind the creation of many applications. In eight lessons, this training explains everything. Users receive an introduction to JavaScript, an introduction to building JS games, as well as code snippets and step-by-step instructions for building your own applications. In fact, the courses include building 5 mini JavaScript apps and 50 other JS projects.

Get The complete JavaScript bundle for $ 15.50 after code LEARNIT (reg. $ 1,492).

2. SQL

SQL is the language of databases and the organization of information, an essential part of any data analysis or application creation operation. This package includes six courses on using SQL like a pro, including instruction on SQL Lite, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Rest API, and Oracle SQL. Starting with fundamental database concepts, the training progresses through an understanding of Python coding, how to write SQL queries, as well as REST and SOAP APIs and how to perform REST API tests.

Get The Ultimate SQL Bootcamp Certification Pack for $ 10.50 after code LEARNIT (reg. $ 1,200).

3. Python

Java may be bigger, but Python is winning fast, especially with its role at the heart of computing and advanced technology development areas like artificial intelligence and machine learning. Both of these topics are covered in this 13-course, 41-hour dissection of Python and all of its critical operations and applications. From creating games to automating Excel files, the training is comprehensive. Additionally, you learn to create your own implemented neural networks, the basic framework behind the creation of thinking machines.

Get The 2021 Premium Python Certification Bootcamp bundle for $ 17.50 after code LEARNIT (reg. $ 2585).

4. Ruby

A coding language coupled with a development tool, Ruby on Rails takes this simple, almost English code and makes it easier to program web applications while increasing the functionality of many websites. Here, five courses with over 40 hours of course material explore basic business use of Ruby and Ruby on Rails, advanced features of Ruby on Rails, such as deployment and rapid development, and how to use Ruby on Rails in. your app development, just like Basecamp, Twitter, Shopify, Github, LivingSocial, Groupon, Hulu, Airbnb and others have done.

Get The complete Ruby on Rails 6 Bootcamp certification pack for $ 18 after the code LEARNIT (reg. $ 1,000).

5. C ++

As one of the fastest programming languages, C ++ is often used to program lightning-fast game development engines. These three courses with almost 50 hours of knowledge show programmers how to get the most out of C ++. It starts with understanding the basics of computer programming, moving on to an intermediate study with creating a program that generates fractal images with smart pointers and handling binary files before moving on to differentiating between model classes and advanced uses of pointers and smart arrays.

Get The C ++ programming bundle: from beginner to expert for $ 7.50 after code LEARNIT (reg. $ 600).

6. R programming

R programming is an essential part of data science, used for statistical computation and graphing to better analyze and visually represent data. With this collection of 6 courses and 35 hours, students examine all aspects of data management and visualization. This includes understanding the algorithms and methods best suited to your data, data visualization concepts, learning regression analysis, and using two of the most important R data science packages, Tidyverse and Dplyr.

Get The Complete R Programming Certification Pack for $ 14.50 after code LEARNIT (reg. $ 1,200).

7. Java

The most popular programming language over the past 30 years, here’s your dive into Java. With these 10 courses, beginners can get acquainted with this foundational discipline, including training in Java basics, interfaces, classes, collections, objects and more, all leading to the creation of several work programs. with Java at their center.

Get The Java Bootcamp 2021 bundle for $ 18 after the code LEARNIT (reg. $ 990).

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