With its ambitious ‘right to repair’ rules, the EU wants your TVs to last a decade


When I buy a TV or a refrigerator, how long will it last? Three years? At least. Five years? Its good. A decade? This is the dream.

Well, I don’t live in the EU or UK, but a new law passed by the European Parliament will require consumer electronics manufacturers to manufacture certain devices – including televisions, refrigerators, washers and hairdryers – repairable for a decade.

We’ve all faced this problem where we couldn’t open a device because it needed special tools or its parts were stuck together. According to an Associated Press report, the new laws force manufacturers to make devices in a way that anyone can open them with conventional tools.

While we don’t have any details on what “conventional tools” mean, I’m assuming this is your basic toolbox and not axes and hammers.

Apart from that, gadget makers will have to provide repair manuals to instruct customers on how to fix these devices. Not everyone might want to read boring old textbooks, but it can’t hurt to have one, right?

Realme, an Oppo sub-brand, also makes televisions
Credit: Realme