Xiaomi’s Mi Band 6 gives you GPS and blood-oxygen sensors for only $35


Xiaomi has gained a strong presence in the wearable clothing market with its affordable Mi Band series. The company today launched the latest device in the line, the Mi Band 6, with built-in GPS and blood oxygen sensors.

The company introduced a new 1.56-inch AMOLED display over last year’s Mi Band 5 design which featured a 1.1-inch AMOLED display. Moreover, Xiaomi is refreshing the interface and the new default watch faces will show you more information in a more dignified way on this 326 ppi (pixels per inch) display.

There are two versions of the group: the NFC version for China and the non-NFC version for the rest of the world. The company claimed it would have similar battery life to its predecessor – 14 days for the NFC version and 20 days for the non-NFC version.

Even if you get fewer advertised days out of the group, you might need to top it up once or twice a month. It’s pretty awesome.

While the GPS sensor will help you measure your walking and running distance accurately, the band also offers 30 training modes, including boxing, badminton, cricket, HIIT, street dancing and Zumba. – with the exception of six current modes already present.

Blood oxygen (The SPO2 sensor) is now common in the budget bands. We’ve seen it in the recently launched Honor Group 6 and the OnePlus Group. While this is a fun novelty, you shouldn’t be relying on these readings for actual medical purposes.

The Mi Band 6 also has advanced sleep tracking that measures Quality of paradoxical breathing and sleep.

In China, the group’s standard edition costs 229 RMB ($ 35) and the NFC version costs 279 RMB ($ 42). On the European market, the group price is € 44.99

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Published March 29, 2021 – 14:53 UTC


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