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Xmovies currently known as xmovies8 is a movie pirating site that provides all kinds of movies and Web Series. Movies  Like Bollywood Hollywood South Indian Movies in Hindi and Web series like Witcher, The 100, Dark Mandalorian, and many more Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disneyplus, and other OTT platforms content. 

So, If you are seeking for some site like this Then in this post  I am gonna give you a brief description about this xmovies site whether you should use it or not is it safe or not, and what are it’s alternatives and competitors available on the internet nowadays.

Xmovies 2020 – HD Movies Bollywood, South Indian Hindi Dubbed

Xmovies provides you with all Hollywood Bollywood South Indian Hindi Dubbed plus in their original regional Language. They provide movies in all qualities like 480p 720p 1080p 2160p even in 4k but you need a lot of data with high speed to watch 4k movies online.

They also provide movies in different formats like HDCAM, HDRip, WebRip, Web-DL, BluRay. Even if a movie is already present in Web-DL or WebRip which is a good quality they will also provide a BluRay version of the same movie when it’s BluRay Disk is released. 

So, the site is quite serious about what they are giving to their visitors. 

But you can only watch Online from this site there is no option for downloading movies which is also good you can watch high-quality movies without having too much high space on your phone.

Categories and Subcategories of Xmovies

Now, this feature or service of this site makes it different from other many other sites Gives categories on The basis of sizes like 300MB movies 700MB movies or Quality vice-like BluRay Web-DL HDCAM or Movies Genre type like Action, Drama, Science Fiction, Romance, etc.

This site gives all of these types categories plus they give you Movies on the basis of Countries like India, America, Korea, UK, etc. So you don’t have to get confused about which new movie will be released in your country. You just have to go to the country based categories, select your country and you will get your latest movie on top.

Fast online streaming  servers of Xmovies

There are many online streaming servers available for one movie even for one episode of any web-series there are many servers available.

 So guys There are no ads while watching movies online on any server even though there is only one pop ad set per IP so there are no annoying ads. 

There are some servers that are paid. They call it VIP servers to access these servers you have to pay. But it is not necessary at all there are plenty of other free and fast servers. Each server contains a particular audio type like Hindi, English and some of them contain different qualities like 480p,720p, etc.

Xmovies Proxy 2020

The site is a movie pirating site and piracy is illegal. XMovies domains are always banned by the government of different countries under the act of the American government called DMCA. 


Which can even lead to taking down the site. Their domain has changed so many times from xmovies.com to xmovies.cc to xmovies.us that they are currently running their site on sub-domains and even though there is a high chance of getting their sub-domains banned because of the enormous amount of pirated content.

Alternative of Xmovies

Xmovie is a nice site but there are many alternatives and rivals of it. Some of them are better than it and some of them are even worse than it. So, here are some alternative to it

  1. 123movies: This site is also popular among many years they provide the same service as xmovies and you can’t download from there site either but their service is good when it comes to quality fast uploading of latest movies and good user interface.
  2. Openload movie: Next in the list we have open load movies this name is actually copied from a cloud server open load so there is no relation between both of them when it comes to service they have a good service not good that because their site contains a lot of annoying pop ads plus they don’t have a large amount of diversity in quality.
  3. Moviesshub.tk: Last but not least we have movies shud. It is best among this list that it contains no pop ads at all; they provide all qualities and you can download from their site too. 

My opinion

Xmovies is a very popular movie pirating site where you get all movies and web series. But they are getting banned by governments this means they are doing good work at all.

Due to these site movies, production houses suffer from tremendous loss and they have to stop producing movies. Many cinema halls have been closed due to piracy so, you must have to go to halls because they are vanishing fastly and buy subscriptions of ott platforms like Netflix to support them and encourage them to make good quality movies and web series.

 Note that this post does not support any one of the sites mentioned above because they are doing stuff that is officially announced illegal from the government. 

They are just not simply stealing someone else’s idea and hard work and simply putting it into their own site but they’re also stealing their money. So, make sure you support the production houses, the directors, and the whole team of the movie. 


Like I said we are not promoting any of these in legal sites. This post is only written for knowledge purposes. We highly encourage you to go and buy movie tickets and other ott platform subscription so they will continue producing and improving their content. I hope you like my post if you do so let me know in the comments. Thank-you

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